Tone Tubby Hempcone Speakers

All Tone Tubby speakers are for sale at the lowest discount prices authorized by the manufacturer and come with official 1 year factory warranty.
Shipping is directly from the Tone Tubby factory with Fedex Ground and free of charge for the continental United States.
For discounted international shipping inquire at the email below.


12" CopperTone Alnico

75W Alnico

12" Rosebud Alnico

60W Alnico


12" Area 51 Alnico

55W Alnico

12" GMC - Green Monster Crush Alnico

50W Alnico


12" Rose Gold Alnico

60W Alnico

12" Amsterdam Alnico

80W Alnico


12" Gold Rush Alnico

45W Low Profile Alnico

12" Orange Crush Alnico

55W Low Profile Alnico


12" Key Largo Alnico

35W Low Profile Alnico

12" Key West Alnico

40W Low Profile Alnico

12" Key Biscayne Alnico

40W Low Profile Alnico

12" Purple Haze Alnico

40W Alnico

12" Winterland Ceramic

30W Ceramic

10" Silver Bullet Alnico

30W Alnico

10" San Rafael Alnico

30W Low Profile Alnico

12" Chicago Blue Alnico

30W Alnico

12" Organic Alnico

35W Alnico

10/12" Red Alnico

50W Alnico

12" Black Alnico DD

60W Alnico

10/12" 40/40 Ceramic

40W Ceramic

12" Nashville

75W Alnico / Ceramic

8" Low Watt

25W Ceramic

10" Texas Tornado Bass

150W Neodymium

12" Cyclone Bass

200W Neodymium

15" Super Man Bass

250W Neodymium

Speakers are custom assembled to order.
To confirm delivery time, please inquire with desired model, ohm impedance and quantity.

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I am an authorized dealer for Tone Tubby since 2002 with over 1400 speakers sold to date.

"Chris, you are the best representative of Tone Tubby!"
Thom Brown - Owner/CEO of Tone Tubby

Tone Tubby speakers are preferred choice of players and bands like ...

Carlos Santana / Billy Gibbons / Eddie Van Halen / Neil Young / Eric Clapton / Keith Richards / Myles Kennedy / Slash / Zac Brown / Los Lonely Boys
Trey Anastasio / Metallica / Steve Kimock / Jimmy Herring / Pearl Jam / Grateful Dead / REM / Foreigner / Sly and the Family Stone / Journey / The Beach Boys

Hemp is the name of the fiber that is cultivated from plants of the Cannabis genus. Hemp has been used for industrial purposes including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food and fuel.
Hemp fiber used for speaker cones provides a durable, tear resistant and water resistant cone. The long fiber of hemp provides better sound reproduction and longer sound waves.

Hemp vs. Paper

Hempcone® speakers deliver an organic and natural sound. By using hemp fibers instead of paper, the hemp cone delivers a consistently sweeter sound that many professional musicians rely on to optimize their recording sessions and live performances.

Paper cones will dry out, become brittle and give a brittle and flat tone. Hemp provides a rich, full spectrum of tone from a cone that is stronger and more flexible.

Ceramic vs. Alnico

Alnico is an iron alloy which in addition to iron is composed primarily of aluminum (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co), hence al-ni-co, with the addition of copper, and sometimes titanium. Alnico is inherently a warmer and smoother tone.
Ceramic (ferrite) magnets are composed of strontium carbonate and iron oxide. Ceramic magnets tend to produce a brighter, edgier tone and work great in 4x12 sealed back cabinets.

Alloy magnets like Alnico have an immediate and temporary demagnetizing reaction to the moving voice coil, lending a smooth compression effect to the signal that feels lively and responsive.
Ceramic magnets demagnetize less readily and sound edgier and punchier.

Speaker break-in service:

The tougher hemp cones take longer to break-in than paper cones.
Continuous low watt, low frequency break-in overnight shows the greatest measurable difference (SPL).
Less difference after day 2, but still measurable improvement after day 3.
And less significant difference after day 4.

Speakers continue to improve over many hours of playing, but this simple break-in saves a lot of time and gives a balanced sound response right after installation.

If you want this extra service, message me from the listing and I reply with an offer that includes $25 shipping cost to me.
Shipping after 3 day break-in to US buyers is free.

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