The Suspense is a unique hollow-body electric guitar designed to give the liveliest electric sound possible from a small body guitar
without the problems associated with conventional hollow-body instruments when amplified.

Floating braces are suspended inside a hollow body that support the wrap-around bridge, which is not attached to the top like on other guitars.
The pickups receive a quality from the vibrating strings very similar to the lively and responsive character of acoustic hollow-body guitars.
At the same time, the neck and strings generate sustain equivalent to set-neck and neck-through solid body guitars.
The unique design of the Suspense allows for playing in a loud amplified environment without fighting out-of-control droning feedback,
yet providing the resonant tone balance of an acoustic instrument.

The Suspense has the appearance of a solidbody guitar but the lively tone from the pickups sounds and feels like an unusual semi-acoustic with beautiful sustain.
Unplugged it has an unexpected and uniquely responsive sound and feel originating from within and traveling through the entire instrument.
This guitar gives the definition of 'live sound' an entirely new meaning.

Figured Mahogany bookmatched and handcarved top, hollowed out one-piece Mahogany body,
one-piece Mahogany neck with Cocobolo fingerboard and Maple burl veneer headstock,
Gotoh 510 delta tuners, Kent Armstrong P90 and custom handwound Lipstick pickup, Tonepros wrap-around bridge with intonation,
Cocobolo soapbar pickup cover and knobs, clear high gloss oil finish

Construction time: 70 hours
Weight: 6.7 lbs.

Now with Graphtech Resomax wraparound bridge

Wow! So comfortable. It's like an organic ergonomic machine...everything from the balance to the knob size, feel and placements, etc.
Being a hollowed out piece of mahogany w/ the floating braces and no f-holes...the mind wants to think it's a solidbody instrument, or at least merely just a 'chambered' solidbody...

After playing the thing unplugged and plugged in, I wanted to grab a time machine and go back to the day solid body guitars were first being built/marketed and show them this thing.
This guitar is what should have been, so to speak. It's not what we think of as a solid body, it's not a hollowbody and it's not just merely a semi-hollow or chambered guitar...
It's got it's own feel entirely, while still maintaining familiarity. Chris mentioned it was the narrowest fretboard he's ever done for a guitar neck, but it doesn't feel awkward at all...
the carve on the neck itself lends itself perfectly for this. The p90 in the bridge was easily the best I've heard that pickup sound.

I can honestly say I'd toss every solid body guitar I've owned to date for this thing...It's simple perfection. My current solidbody has a gazillion taps and tonal options
and I think the overwhelming choices are what made me almost solely play acoustic for the last 6 months. The Suspense guitar would bring me back in a heart beat.
It doesn't make you worry about the details of electronics like most electrics do. Thumbs up!

Mike Cornett

Find many Sound Samples made with this guitar here ... Sound Samples

Or go to the home page and enter 'suspense' into the searchbar in the top-right corner.

Left-handed figured,dyed and book-matched Douglas Fir top, hollowed out one-piece Claro Walnut body,
one-piece ergonomic carved figured Western Maple neck with Purple Heart fingerboard,
PRS locking tuners, Kent Armstrong P90 and custom handwound Lipstick pickup,
Graphtech Resomax wrap-around bridge with Ghost transducer saddles and Acousti-phonic preamp,
clear high gloss oil finish

Construction time: 60 hours
Weight: 6 lbs.

Hi Chris,

Love this guitar! Sounds awesome, light weight, doesn't slide on my leg, looks fabulous...
The big surprise is how good the piezo pickup sounds. It's absolutely wonderful...
Best acoustic electric tone I've ever heard. The magnetic pickups are excellent, reminds me of a hollow Tele without the hard edge.
But put these pickups together or use the piezo straight & it's magnificent.

The Suspense loves your amps. The Suspense through the Double Drive in [unity gain] bypass (yes it does something) through the Diamond is simply amazing.
The MS is a bit warmer sounding but terrific as well.

Thanks again for this fabulous instrument. I feel very lucky to possess it.

All The Best,