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Midnight Special Combo excerpt from the article Under 20 Watts of Whoop-Ass

Chris Siegmund is another visionary whose work transcends the ordinary, and the Midnight Special is no exception.
Rated at 4-15W, the Special is meticulously built using premium capacitors and resistors, including many classic NOS components.
Siegmund also uses octal preamp tubes, along with a vintage NOS rectifier and single output tube.
Features include a transformer less reverb circuit that can be bypassed for extra gain, plus Volume, Mid, Treble and Bass controls, a series FX loop, high and normal power switch, Mercury Magnetics transformer and a Tone Tubby hemp cone speaker.
The Midnight Special is a great midnight-hour amp, but it also passes the test as a terrific small club amp. Its voice is deep, articulate and sophisticated.
The Special wasn't intended to be a high gain amp with intense distortion characteristics, but it excels brilliantly with overdrive pedals, and the reverb bypass does kick an extra level of crystalline gain while beautifully preserving string definition and harmonics.
The combination of P90's and the Special is absolutely orgasmic, and there is a lot of magic to be discovered in this magnificently built amp.

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