Vintage style Custom Guitar Amps & Tube Effects
Hand carved Archtop & Custom Guitars

Original and unique designs - handmade one at a time



Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiers are original musical instruments with unique and innovative designs

individually handmade to order by Chris Siegmund.


August 2020 ... New Release: Bakersfield Sound 'The 19'

July 2020 ... New Release: Custom DHC Prewar Direct Heated Cathode Guitar Amp

June 2020 ... New Release: Simplex Vintage Compressor Mic Pre

April 2020 ... New Release: ST-2100 Hifi Stereo Amp

March 2020 ... New Release: Celtic Tele

March 2020 ... New Release: Rage 45

December 2019 ... New Release: Micro Tube Compressor

October 2019 ... New Release: Deuce Stereo 2x18 Watt

April 2019 ... New Release: Midnight Special 5 Watt Rackmount

January 2019 ... New Release: Pup Emu - Pickup Emulator

October 2018 ... New Release: Simplex Vintage Mic Pre

August 2018 ... New Release: Sound King Combo

December 2017 ... New Release: ST-230 Hifi Stereo Amp

September 2017 ... New Release: Micro Tube Phono Preamp

January 2017 ... New Release: Micro Tube Diddy Wah

December 2016 ... New Release: Muddy Buddy Head & Cab

November 2016 ... New Release: Big Boy 300 Bass amp

July 2016 ... New Release: Midnight Special Combo Plus

April 2016 ... New Release: Midnight Special 300B Head

January 2016 ... Siegmund YouTube Channel and Instagram Page

July 2015 ... New Release: Doppler Stereo Combo with Asymmetrical Frequency Soundstage ™

March 2015 ... New Release: Vintage Classics - Hobo Brownface

February 2015 ... New Release: Updated MB head cabinet, chassis and controls

November 2014 ... New Release: Custom solidwood cabinets for tube FX

October 2014 ... New Release: Suspense - New left-handed version

September 2014 ... New Release: Vintage Classics - American and British amp models from the 1950s and 60s.

August 2014 ... New Release: Midnight Special Head - New Head Version

January 2014 ... New Release: Diamond - New chassis

December 2013 ... New Release: Simplex - Micro Tube Microphone/Instrument Preamp

July 2013 ... New Release: Sound King vinyl covered cabinets

June 2013 ... New Release: Muddy Buddy LAS -Live Amp Sound- Line Out ™ and Headphones option and sound samples

February 2013 ... New Release: Spring Reverb - Micro Tube Effect

September 2012 ... New Release: Doppler Vibe - Micro Tube Effect

July 2011 ... New Release: Muddy Buddy Head - Micro Tube Amplifier

June 2011 ... New Release: Violectric - Electric Violin

May 2011 ... New Release: Sound King - 300B amplifier

November 2010 ... Upgrade: Midnight Special - Reverb Mix and EQ Bypass/Master Volume

November 2010 ... Upgrade: Midnight Blues - Reverb Mix and Gain push/pull Bright Switch

July 2010 ... Upgrade: Midnight Blues - High, Normal or Low Power Switch

February 2009 ... New Release: Suspense Guitar - Unique suspension bridge design

Chris Siegmund is an exceptionally gifted and inspired craftsman building custom solid body and archtop guitars,
as well as handcrafted amplifiers using NOS tubes and select NOS components.
Siegmund Guitars and Amplifiers provides musicians with inspiring and original instruments that are timeless in their design,
yet innovative and unmistakably unique.
Their natural responsiveness and superb musical qualities reveal themselves with every note played.
All Siegmund instruments are entirely handcrafted using only the finest woods, personally selected by Chris.
Siegmund amplifiers are stellar works of art, developed with Chris' innovative designs that succeed in blending a respect for the past
with modern features desired by today's most experienced and discriminating guitarists.
Siegmund's unique combination of custom guitars and amplifiers creates a unified signature tonality
that has been expressly created to inspire and expand your musical vision.
Chris' collaboration with gifted musicians and years of research and dedication continue to refine
the company's vision of exceptional tone, beauty, functionality and reliability.
David Wilson - The ToneQuest Report

Siegmund Amplifiers makes electric tube guitar amps based on uniqueness and authentic passion for the craft.
Vintage components are combined with custom transformers and original circuitry that achieves a tonal balance that is incredibly musical to the ear.
Gorgeous aesthetics cap off these boutique amplifiers to make them truly hand-crafted instruments.
Dan Kern - SixStringSoul

"I have seen many amp builders who showed me their work.
- You are the most interesting one I have met in all those years.
I like your no-compromise approach to your custom transformers."
Sergio Hamernick - Mercury Magnetics

"Chris, your amps are simply the best in the boutique amp world!
You are the only amp maker we make custom speakers for exclusively."
John Harrison - A Brown Soun-Tone Tubby

If it sounds good and feels good, then it IS good! - Duke Ellington

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Nature is the original true artist that inspires and humbles like no other. - Chris Siegmund

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