Gibson Vox Mini5 Custom Amp Guitar

A Vox Mini5 control panel with electronics and speaker was built into a 1970 Gibson ES-150 D.
The bridge was replaced with a Resomax Wrap-around bridge

A piece of hardwood is glued under the bridge and another piece with firm felt on each is inserted between the bottom plate and bridge to prevent resonance from the speaker.
The lower bout has a stacked pot with Volume an Tone controls and the upper bout has a 3 way pickup selector.
The original output jack was replaced with a heavy duty power supply input jack.
The Vox amp's input jack is now the output jack, which allows connection to an external amp, regardless if the Vox amp is on or off.

I got the guitar today.
Home run my friend. This guitar is the cat's meow! Your craftsmanship is fantastic! I am really stoked about this guitar. The weight came out good, thought it would be heavier.
The set up is great and I love the bridge. Will be putting it on my other guitars. I couldn't be more pleased with the guitar and will be wearing it out playing it.

I cannot thank you enough for making this idea come true. You rock Chris!

Thanks and best regards from a truly satisfied customer
George Fraser