Custom hand carved Archtops


Siegmund Archtop Guitars are entirely carved by hand using traditional violin making tools, techniques and materials.
No dubli-carvers or CNC routers - these guitars are the real thing made individually one at a time.

Figured Douglas Fir top, hollowed out Lacewood body, rope binding, figured Maple/Rosewood/Mahogany laminated neck with Cocobolo fingerboard,
Rosewood base & gold plated Schaller roller bridge, Wenge pickguard with black mini-dome knobs and green abalone inlay dots,
Lollar custom low-profile Charlie Christian pickup, Purple Heart veneer headstock, gold plated Gotoh 510 delta tuners,
Cocobolo tailpiece with violin fastener, shellac-nitro finish

Construction time: 130 hours

This Guitar was custom designed for electric amplified use.
This includes a metal bridge, permanently pickguard mounted electronics and nickel wound strings for magnetic pickups.
The top, back and sides are relatively thick compared to a pure acoustic instrument.

A standard acoustic archtop guitar would have a thinner top and back with bent sides and a wooden bridge for a more delicate and sweeter string response.

Updated with Thumbwheel Volume and Tone knobs