Eastman Archtop Upgrade

The following upgrades were done to the left-handed version from the Eastman factory:

Fret leveling and fret end treatment, Tailpiece rounding off the edges and refinish.
New Ebony Finger rest/Pickguard with original Eastman/Armstrong pickup and Kent Armstrong PAF pickup with stereo wiring.
The mini toggle at the bridge is the Stereo/Mono selector and the mini toggle at the neck pickup selects between or combines both pickups, even in stereo mode.
The original pickup has a volume thumbwheel control and the PAF pickup has a volume and tone control.
The output jack accepts either a stereo or mono cable.
With a stereo cable and switched to stereo setting, each pickup can be connected to a separate preamp or amplifier.
The pickup selector on the guitar switches between both pickups/amps or activates them at the same time.