Micro Tube Diddy Wah


The Micro Tube Diddy Wah is a high quality tube Wah and Overdrive. Two effects in one pedal that can be used independently or combined.
The full-frequency-range Wah tone has a musical vocal quality with adjustable harmonic resonance.
The Overdrive is a dual gain stage booster/preamp/overdrive with Gain, Tone and Volume knobs.

Micro Tubes (subminiature) - Small size, but sizable warmth, presence, power and transparency.
These special purpose tubes were developed by the military to operate smoothly under extreme conditions with maximum life span.

Full-frequency-range Tube Wah

Harmonic Resonance control

Level Control from unity-gain to 12dB

Handwound Halo Inductor

Sealed ICAR taper pot

Dual gain stage tube preamp/overdrive

Tube buffered bypass with Level control

Two effects in one pedal

NEW - quiet 'no-pop' footswitches

Guitar - Acoustic - Steel - Bass
Microphone - Harp - Keyboard

The Diddy Wah works with any instrument and frequency range, including vocals.

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Subminiature Micro Tube Wah
Harmonic Resonance control
Level control from unity-gain to 12dB
USA Handwound Halo Inductor
Sealed ICAR taper Pot
Dual gain stage preamp
Gain, Tone, Volume
Custom transformer
Shock-mounted tubes
Tube life: 30.000+ hours!
Paper-oil capacitors
Carbon Composition resistors

100/120/220/240VAC (50/60Hz)
Handmade in USA

High Voltage Power Supply included

Guitar, Bass, Acoustic, Microphone, Keyboard, Steel ...

High Voltage - Zero Hum - Iron Transformer Power Supply

The Diddy Wah name is inspired by the song Diddy Wah Diddy written by Bo Diddley and Willie Dixon, recorded in 1956.
The song has been covered by many artists like Captain Beefhart in 1966, giving him his first hit on his debut album.
And the original by Arthur 'Blind' Blake from 1929 ... 'I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means'

The Wah-Wah effect originated in the 1920s with Trumpet and Trombone players by opening and muting the bell.
This gave the tone a vocal quality expressed by the name of the effect.
By the 1950s guitar players started using a transistorized version of this sound effect in form of a floor swell pedal.

The Diddy Wah is not a mere tube version of this effect, which is often rather thin and limited in frequency range.
Instead it pays homage to the original early wah sound with a full-frequency-range revealing the wide harmonic resonance range of the handwound Halo inductor, that creates the characteristic Wah tone.

The ICAR taper pot of the pedal sweep has full spectrum sweep range with perfectly balanced smooth transition.

The HR control adjusts the Harmonic Resonance of the Halo inductor from a milder Wah effect to a bolder 'cupped-harp' resonant quality.
This adjustment also aids in dialing in the enhanced harmonics when using an Overdrive or Distortion effect in combination with the Wah.

The Level control adjusts output level of the Wah effect and when bypassed, from unity-gain to 12 dB boost.
The boost increases signal level when going into a chain of effects.

The Diddy Wah has a built-in dual gain stage tube booster/preamp/overdrive that comes after the Wah effect.
This allows the player to use his favorite overdrive pedal connected in front of the Wah.

The built-in preamp after the Wah can be adjusted for a unity-gain buffer with Tone control.
It can also add more gain to enhance the sound quality of a chain of effects connected after it.
At higher Gain settings it adds overdrive/distortion to the signal and at higher Volume settings it can push an amplifier input into overdrive with a variety of gain/crunch and Tone settings.

Either Wah and Preamp effect can be used by itself or in combination.
The front footswitch turns the Wah on or off. The rear switch turns the Preamp on or off.
When both effects are bypassed the unit has tube buffered unity-gain with flat full-range frequency response, taking advantage of the enhanced tube sound quality.

User Feedback:

I've never been so content with my sound! That wah on my board is a revelation. It's done so much to the sound just being there!
Usually wahs always suck tone being on a board and this one enhances it!!! Truly brilliant.


I want to thank you for the Diddy Wah - organic and expressive only begins to talk about the voice of that tool.
It almost seems inappropriate to call the Diddy Wah a "wah", in as much as it is so different from, and so much more of a tool than any other solid-state wah.

- Peter

Sound Samples:

The guitar is the
The amp is the Midnight Special
I upgraded a large diaphragm condenser tube mic with a Micro Tube, Neumann U47 replacement capsule and Jensen transformer plugged into the Simplex Mic Pre

Wah only - with different pickups and starting at medium HR, then highest HR, then lowest HR

Bright Boost - with Preamp Bright Boost

Overdrive - with Preamp Overdrive

Distortion - with Preamp Volume high, distorting the amp input