Custom Amplifiers


Siegmund's Custom Amplifiers are entirely handmade and dialed in to your preferred specifications

Traditional handwired point to point terminal wiring

Versatile & easy to use controls with wide range

Individually handcrafted unique cabinet designs

Custom made top-quality Xfrmrs by Mercury Magnetics

Highest quality components

NOS tubes

High/Low Power switch
Class A/AB switch
Pentode/Triode switch
5R4GY, Pair of EL39, 3x 6SL7, 6SN7
External bias adjust
Built-in bias meter
NOS tubes
Octal base preamp tubes
Shock mounted preamp tube sockets
Tube rectifier
Aluminum chassis
Tube driver spring reverb
Sprague Filter caps
Paper & Oil tone capacitors
Carbon composition resistors
Point to point terminal cloth wiring
Light redwood speaker cabinet
{switchable between two or three speakers}
3 x 10" Jensen style Tone Tubby Hemp cone speakers
True bypass Master Volume