Siegmund Vintage Classics

American and British amplifier models from the 1950s and 60s with custom options beyond replica.
Handwound transformers by Mercury Magnetics and handwired point-to-point turret boards
with mil-spec NOS paper/oil caps, carbon comp resistors and other high quality components, just like original Siegmund amps.

Select from a wide variety of cabinet tolex covers, grill cloth, handles, knobs, feet and speakers from Tone Tubby hemp cones and Weber VST.
Custom modifications of the original wiring designs are optional upon request.

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Tweed Models

Blackface Models

British Models


Hobo Brownface

Custom covering and grill cloth with true-bypass Master Volume upgrade

Custom filter choke, bias pot upgrade, ground to Standby switch conversion

Sound Samples:

Dirty Trem

Signal Path:

Suspense Guitar
Hobo Brownface Amplifier with Tone Tubby 12" San Rafael speaker
Tube microphone with Neumann U47 vintage style capsule and Jensen transformer plugged into the Simplex Mic Pre

Deuce Low Power

Grain oriented iron Filter Choke, Ceramic sockets, Ground to 1/2 power switch conversion, bias pot, 16/8/4 ohm selector, tetrode to pentode conversion

From the Owner:

Hey Chris,

Biased up the old Marconi 6L6GC to 43. I was plenty surprised to hear it had some serious raw clean sound. Definitely what I was looking for.
I have an original 64 Fender Reverb unit and the notes to my ears sounded clean full and rich.
Of course I had to use the pedal board to see if it like those.
I only use a couple mini Robert keeley java boost pedals with some switchable overdrive under the hood you can switch different gain levels.
And my fave Delay A old Maxon 999. Love Keeley pedals.
So it was a soft 40 watts maybe 30 to me wasn't really a loud amp but the pedals did kick it up a notch.

Sure sounded fine. Very quiet and I put all 12AX7s in it.
Probably makes a great Jazz /Blues amp. Note definition was sweet. Probably what a refined Twin Tweed supposed to sound like.
Has the best sweet overdriven sound without losing all chord notes be it a bar minor cord or a D9 C7sus4.
Awesome. Now got the best version Tweed Twin Sounds sweet and delicious.

Thanks, Dennis


Fatstack transformers, Grain oriented iron Filter Choke, Ceramic sockets, Master Volume, Bias pot, 16/8 ohm selector