Tolex Options

Black Carpet

British Black Elephant

British Black Levant

Fender Black Tolex

Black Leather Tolex

Black Carbon Fiber

Black Comet

Black Patchwork

Black Snakeskin Tolex
Snakeskin Tolex

Rough Black Tolex

Vintage Marshall Black

Black Western Tolex

Vox/Hiwatt Black

British Red Elephant

British Red Levant

Red Buffalo

Rough Red Tolex

Vox/Hiwatt Red

Burgundy Snakeskin

Wine Leather Tolex

British Orange Levant

Rough Orange Tolex

Vox/Hiwatt Orange

Gold Levant

Fender Rough Blonde

Fender Smooth Blonde

Ivory Levant

Vanilla Leather Tolex

Pearlized Copper

Fender Rough Brown

Fender Smooth Brown

Brown Alligator

Gator Skin Tolex

Brown Ostrich Tolex

Brown Western Tolex

Cocoa Levant

British Tan Levant

Bigfoot Brown

Brown Marvel Leather

Brown Leather

Regency Blue

Carolina Blue

Navy Levant

Teal Levant

British Green Levant

Fender Seafoam Green

Small Grain Green

Tan Digi Camouflage

British White Elephant

British White Levant

Vox/Hiwatt White

British Purple Elephant

British Purple Levant

Plum Levant

Open Space

Blue Sparkle

Ocean Sparkle

White Sparkle

Red Sparkle

Gold Sparkle

Grey Sparkle

British Silver Levant

Slate Leather

Pearlized Abalone

Vox Fawn Tolex

Genuine Olive Tweed

Brown Tweed Tolex

Any custom tolex adds $10 to the total.
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More Custom Cabinet Options

Grill Cloth

Inquire about piping options for british models.

Email with any questions and to inquire about current delivery times with the description of the Cabinet Type.

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