Simplex Vintage Compressor Mic Pre


The Simplex Vintage Compressor is a high quality microphone and instrument octal tube compressor preamp with pure and transparent triple gain stage class A design
featuring Input and Output transformers handwound by Jensen.

The Compressor/Sustainer/Limiter in class A has even-order musical harmonics enhanced by Germanium Diodes with asymmetrical clipping.

Providing a natural sound experience with a relaxed, warm and sweet sound stage
delivered by the lively responsive and wide frequency range of Octal Tubes.

A microphone preamp is arguably the most important sound generating device in any recording setup.
It comes right after the weak signal from a microphone or instrument pickup and boosts it to recording line level.
Without a fine quality preamp, music and sound quality is lost right in the beginning of a recording signal chain
and even excellent effects and mixing consoles can't recover and infuse the sound with it's original pure quality.
The Octal Tubes in the Simplex Vintage enhance that quality with their unique, lively and musical character.

Triple gain stage class A Octal NOS tubes

Class A Tube and Germanium Diode Compressor

Super-quiet power and dc-filament supply

Tube rectifier

Jensen nickel-core transformer

Variable input impedance

XLR gold pin connectors

Point-to-Point wiring

Carbon Composition resistors

Hermetically sealed mil-spec paper/oil caps

Carling heavy-duty switches

Read the Simplex Vintage Compressor Manual



Rear Connectors:

Rear Control:

Front Controls:

Voltage Gain (continuous):

Input Impedance:

Output Impedance:

Maximum Output Level:

Frequency Response:

VU Meter calibration:


Triple gain stage class A Octal tube
6J7G Pentode, 6SL7 Dual-Triode, 6J7G Pentode, 82 Mercury Vapor Rectifier

Microphone Input XLR Transformer Balanced
Output XLR and TRS Transformer Balanced (TS Unbalanced)
Instrument Input and Output 1/4" Unbalanced

Power On/Off
Ground Lift switch for Pin 1

48V Phantom Power On/Off switch with LED
-20dB/0dB Pad switch
+/- Polarity switch
Input Control for Impedance and Sensitivity
Gain Control
Compressor Control
Output Control for Headroom

Microphone 90 dB
Instrument 80 dB

Microphone: Variable sweep 0 to 10K Ω
Instrument: Variable sweep 0 to 500K Ω

600 Ω

+23 dBu

20 Hz to 20 kHz

+4 dBu/1.228 Vac at 0 dB/100%

10 x 6 x 2 inches

Handmade in USA

100/120/220/240VAC (50/60Hz)

Input transformer data

Output transformer data

Sound Samples:

I upgraded a large diaphragm condenser tube mic with a subminiature tube, Neumann U47 replacement capsule, paper/oil cpacitors and Jensen transformer.

The electric guitar is the Celtic Tele
The acoustic guitar is this Acoustic Archtop
This clips are raw and without any effects.

Electric Guitar Demo : 0 sec - No Compressor | 11 sec - 1/2 Compressor | 21 sec - Full Compressor

Acoustic Guitar Demo : 0 sec - No Compressor | 24 sec - 1/2 Compressor | 44 sec - Full Compressor