ST-230 Hifi Stereo


The ST-230 is a Hifi Stereo amp with high quality custom wound transformers and vintage style components.
Its simplicity in design and function delivers pure and musical high fidelity sound reproduction with an updated vintage sound quality and organic musical feel.

The super high-quality classic output transformer design is in the top 1% of the best tube gear ever made.

The legendary KT66 power tubes in ultra-linear operation provide 30 Watts per channel with long tube life and maximum reliability.

The quiet and stable power supply can be switched between classic dual-tube rectifier and modern solid-state.

Hifi Stereo Amp with KT66 tubes in UL class A

Dual tube and Solid-State Rectifier switch

Octal preamp tube phase-inverters

Point-to-point gold plated turret terminal wiring

Gold plated RCA connectors

Hermetically sealed Paper/Oil capacitors

Analog current meters

Quiet power supply with Fatstack Mercury Magnetics transformers

KT66 pairs in UL class A 30 Watts
Dual 5U4 tube or Solid-state rectifier
6SL7 phase inverter
Input sensitivity: 300mV or -5 dB
6SN7 phase inverter
Input sensitivity: 1V or +3 dB
Quiet power supply and
custom transformer
Paper-oil capacitors
Carbon Composition resistors

100/120/220/240VAC (50/60Hz)
Handmade in USA
This Stereo amp provides highest sound quality and fidelity and evokes the pure joy of listening to music.
It's simple, original design reveals the recorded signal in its purest form.

The quiet and stable power supply with oversized core power transformer delivers sound reproduction true to the input signal without distortion in ultra-linear class A operation.
The rectifier can be switched between dual tube and solid-state, giving the choice of updated vintage style or tight modern accuracy.

The ST-230 is available as power amp and perfect match to the Micro Tube Phono Preamp
It is also available with integrated RIAA phono and Line preamp using three additional preamp tubes and additional 4-way input selector.

Also available as ST-270 with solid-state rectifier, two pairs of KT88 and 70 Watts per channel.

You cannot find another Tube Hifi amp and hear high-end quality music at this price.

Click the image for matching Phono and Line preamp