Sound King 300B tube guitar amp


The Sound King Combo is a super responsive and lively guitar tube amplifier with the natural presence and musical resonance of an acoustic instrument.
The pure joy of experiencing the electric guitar in this way is enhanced by an unusual range of clean and distorted sounds,
a wide frequency spectrum and inspiring tone voicing options, while retaining lively dynamics across the entire output volume.

Innovative and unique circuit design

Octal preamp tubes

Adjustable Resonance

'True Bypass' Reverb

EQ bypass for extra pure signal flow

Unique custom made Transformers
by Mercury Magnetics

Highest quality components

Handwired point to point wiring

Optional Field Coil speaker with variable power

Optional 'Magic Eye' Signal indicator

Class A 25 Watt / 55 Watt Peak
300B output tubes
6K7G mesh plate tube
2x 6SL7, 6SN7 preamp tubes
83 mercury vapor rectifier tube
Adjustable resonance
Xfrmr-less tube driver reverb
Low impedance FX Loop
Preamp/line out - Poweramp in
Sprague Vitamin Q paper/oil tone capacitors
Carbon composition resistors
Sprague ATOM TVA filters
Point to point terminal cloth wiring
NOS tube sockets
Aluminum chassis 12 ga.

100,120,220,240VAC 50/60Hz
Handmade in USA

The Sound King power/output section uses the same technology introduced with the Diamond amplifier.
No capacitors or resistors are used to shape the tone, which restrict the signal's original, pure and dynamic qualities.
The sound created by the preamp is influenced only by the quality and design of the tubes, transformers and the speaker.
Part of the output section is the unique Resonance control: A 5-way rotary switch that allows variable intensity of resonance.
Harmonics are tightened or released, creating an acoustic instrument-like natural response.

Laser engraved figured birdseye maple control panel with vintage bakelite knobs and brass trim and vents

click to enlarge

The popular Midnight Special preamp with octal tubes enhances the Sound King with its lively and musical response.
Both the transformerless Reverb and 3-band EQ can be bypassed for an ultra pure and flat-EQ signal response,
revealing the raw quality of the guitar pickups at the input.
The Voice control is shifting the frequency range from a warmer/darker to a brighter/edgier tonality.
The unusual wide range of the EQ controls allow to place your sound wherever it needs to be for solo or band performance
and together with the Voice control it changes the feel of the sound like switching from one pickup to another, which is truly unqiue to the Sound King.

The Sound King does not require a power attenuator to get a lively and musical response at lower output levels.
The unique interaction of the amp with the signal creates a variable tension that allows for the same lively response
at very low wattage levels as with higher output around the breakup point and beyond.

This amplifier produces the purest and richest cleans from the classic 300B tubes and with the preamp pushed into overdrive
sounds like a growling and barking blues amp. All with the turn of one knob, either on the amplifier or the guitar itself.

The Sound King has switchable 8/16 ohm speaker outputs and can be used with an extension cabinet.
Both ohm outputs deliver the signal without loss, unlike conventional multi-tap ohm selectors.
A field coil speaker option is available with a switch that influences the magnetic field and efficiency in two ways:

Compression - The magnetic strength decreases with increasing signal strength.
Dynamic - The magnetic strength conforms to signal strength.

These settings produce the most responsive, unique and inspiring guitar amplifier sounds ever made available to guitar players.
This unique guitar sound experience does not exist outside the Sound King realm and the best words to describe it are: Inspiration, excitement and surprise!

The Sound King combo cabinet pictured is one possible version with other designs also available.

Vinyl/tolex covered versions are also available with your choice of front panel design,covering, grill cloth and speaker configurations.

Tubes: (stock setup)

2 x NOS 6SL7/VT229 Sylvania, NOS 6SN7, NOS 6K7G meshplate, 2x 300B Genalex Gold Lion, NOS 83 mercury vapor

300B Globe meshplate upgrade available.

The 'Magic Eye' is watching you...

Magic Eye - output signal strength indicator.

User Feedback:

Hey Chris,
I just played my first gig with the Sound King and it sounded AMAZINGGGGGGG! It's so juicy and rich and pure - it's like a Siegmund amp times 100!
It is such a magical amp and I can't wait to really explore all of the musicality of it!
This amp is so versatile and with so many tonal options.
It has a very congealed unified midrange, kind a sugary and creamy like your Midnight Blues amp but with added low and top end being more hifi.
Even at quieter levels its really unbelievable.
I just love this amp. So thank you again for your work, cos its so special.

Zane Carney

The SK is now my main amp. I fell in love with the reverb and use it a lot. I think you really did your homework with the reverb.
It is almost like having delay the way I can get the notes to trail off and create space. I find it is not really that splashy Fender reverb that sounds more like an echo in the hall.

I have been running the master volume high and the volume low to get max headroom out of it and using one or two pedals for lead tones.
I find this amp takes pedals, dare I say, better than just about anything I have ever played. When we play clean it is usually straight in, guitar-amp, and I like the clean tones a lot.
The voice and resonance are really useful too. I have an old Sola MK II that I experimented with this past weekend and the two are a match made in heaven!
The clean up and tone is unreal for me. I got a set of Callaham Fralin Real 54's in that work out well for me and seem to match up well.

I am pretty excited by the amp. It is really responsive and responds well to playing dynamics, almost like a having a volume knob on the end of your pick. Ha!
The Sound King is a king in the sound department. It continues to impress me every time I plug in and, other than the Midnight special, it has been the only amp I have played
since I got it. You really struck gold!
I am finding that I am able to coax more and more out of this than I thought possible. It is almost like it is reading my mind.
I knew it was going to be good but not this incredible. Right now everything is paling in comparison.
----- 4 years later -----
That Sound King has to be the most intuitive amp I have ever played in my life. It almost like it is reading my mind when I want to dial in any tone.
So far, I have been able to get anything out of it I have ever wanted.

My best regards,
Tim Smith

Hi Chris,

This has taken quite a while but I would like you to know that the Sound King is a fabulous amplifier.
I'm not sure if it needs a long break in period, but recently every guitar I play through it sounds terrific.
A Special Beauty to each note, especially on the Tails. I would call it "Magical"
Having the Midnight Special & new version Diamond, I didn't see or better yet hear a major difference from their strengths, but my SK seems to mesh the two & take it to another level, call it Magicality.

Thanks again,

PS The custom 2X12 might be part of it, I'm not sure...Just keep on making Magic...

Sound Samples:

Zane Carney playing 'Snow' on his Sound King

The following sound clips were played by Ryan Fergon from the band Soulajar
and recorded by Brian Boozer -
Aum Studio Productions

Brian's comment: If one thing can be said here, and I think Ryan mentioned this when playing, is that the tone of the actual guitars are coming through in a big way.
Each sound clip sounds 100% different from the other. Yet, it was being played through the same amp. And all of my EQ settings are exactly the same across the board.
I guess what I'm getting at is that the amp is so transparent, you're hearing all the tone the guitar has to offer, for better or worse.
Maybe one sound clip sounds better than another and it seems that's completely attributed to which guitar was being played. Pretty wild!

Recording signal path:
Shure SM57, Beyer M88, AKG C414 (blended in a close mic position) --> Focusrite ISA828 Preamp --> Black Lion Audio/Digidesign 002 A/D Converter Interface
--> Pro Tools Software

You are hearing the pure, natural sound of the Sound King amplifier. There was no processing, effects, or studio tricks used in recording these audio clips.

CLIP 1 - Fender USA 1962 reissue - Amp settings: max. clean Volume (no bright switch), 1/3 Reverb, 2/3 tone controls, max. Master, 4 Resonance, 1/2 Voice, FC dynamic
CLIP 2 - Amp settings same as Clip 1 with EQ bypassed
CLIP 3 - Siegmund Suspense with P90 pickup - Amp settings: Volume set to Overdrive, rest of controls as before
CLIP 4 - Siegmund Suspense with Lipstick pickup - Amp settings: Volume set to Distortion, rest of controls as before, after 30sec EQ bypass
CLIP 5 - Siegmund Soulman with Unbucker pickup - Reverb demo: starts out with Reverb bypassed, then slowly increased
CLIP 6 - Siegmund Soulman with P90 pickup - EQ demo: starts with all Tone controls in center position
0-18sec: Treble sweep to roll-off then boost to max. then back to center
18-30sec: Middle sweep to roll-off then boost to max. then back to center
30-50sec: Bass sweep to roll-off then boost to max. then back to center
50sec: EQ bypass
1:02min: Bright switch On
CLIP 7 - Siegmund Soulman with Unbucker pickup - Resonance demo: Knob is switched higher every 5 seconds, showing all 5 settings from low to high.
CLIP 8 - Fender USA 1962 reissue - Field Coil modes: First half shows the speaker in compression mode - after 30sec dynamic mode.
CLIP 9 - Gibson ES335 with Seymour Duncan 59 PAF pickups - Speaker demo: Amp settings same as Clip 1 with JBL D130 speaker.
CLIP 10 - Amp setttings same as Clip 1 with 2x12 Tone Tubby Alnico H1 cone speakers.