Rage 45


The Rage 45 is a dual channel guitar amp combining the sweet cleans of early vintage octal tubes with their open and revealing quality, wide frequency range and natural lively and musical response
with the wild crunch channel and its great variety of overdrive and hi-gain distortion tones and compression feature that adds even-order harmonic compression and sustain.

The Rage 45 is entirely hand-built, using the best-sounding NOS caps and resistors and terminal point-point wiring as used by the military and in aviation electronics for reliability.

EL34, KT66, 5881, 6L6GC, EL37, 6550
with external bias & balance adjust

Handwired point to point terminal wiring

Balanced, interactive Gain and Tone controls
with 'true bypass' Master Volume

Compression/Sustain Knob

No-compromise Custom Transformers by Mercury Magnetics

Tube rectifier

Vintage style components

Available with 45, 60 and 100 Watts power output

Rectifier: GZ34


20-100W with optional class A/AB switch

optional High/Low power switch

external bias & balance adjust with meter points

Preamp tubes: 6SN7, 2x 12AX7, 2x 12AT7

Compression and 3 band EQ

'True bypass' Master Volume

Vitamin Q Paper/oil capacitors

Carbon composition resistors

100,120,220,230,240VAC 50/60Hz
Handmade in USA

18.5" wide X 9-3/4" tall X 9.5" deep
Weight: 35 lbs.

Open Poplar cabinet

The head cabinet is available with Tolex/grill or solid wood version.

The massive iron core power transformer ensures stable and reliable voltage supply, running cool with minimal sag.

The output section accepts a pair of KT66, EL34, 5881, 6L6GC, EL37 and 6550 output tubes.
A tube selector switch tunes the output transformer to get ideal response.
For this amp with the complex preamp stage, I recommend KT77 power tubes, which I call the 'American EL34' with the midrange of the EL34 and the clarity of the 6550.

The custom made zero-compromise transformer has an incredible rich and complex tone, with perfect symmetry producing even-order harmonic break-up.
A 16 ohm only output with Class A/AB switch instead of an 8/16 ohm selector gives even further enhanced frequency range and headroom not found in conventional and even high-end guitar amplifiers.

The power amplifier is available in 45, 60 or 100 Watt output power versions.

The preamp of the Rage 45 has two channels: Clean and Crunch

The Clean channel is simple, direct and open with a Volume and Tone knob and a Normal/Bright switch.
The octal 6SN7 is honest and revealing with sweet and rich harmonics.
It has sufficient gain to also go into overdrive.

The Crunch channel Gain and Drive knobs can be dialed in for a great variety of overdrive or hi-gain distortion tones.
The 12AX7 can also be substituted for a 5751, 12AY7, 12AT7 or 12AU7 tubes allowing for a great range of distinct characteristics:
From rich, dynamic and open clean tones to smooth vintage style crunch to high gain punch.

The Compression knob adds sustain and compression with even-order harmonic asymmetrical clipping, like single-ended class A amps.
It adds a singing cello/violin character we love from Carlos Santana.

The 3 band EQ is interactive and wide ranging, even in the highest gain settings.
A true-bypass Master Volume allows for vintage style power amp distortion.
In lower settings it smoothes and balances the distortion tone with increased preamp gain.

Clean and Crunch channel can be switched or combined with this ABY box with quiet 'no-pop' footswitches and point-to-point wiring

A complete, easy-access bias control section on the rear panel includes bias adjust with test-points for DVM hook-up and balance adjust.
Can be used for maintaining balanced output at different guitar or amp settings or to create alternate harmonic balance shifts.
It also allows for the use of unmatched tubes!
A useful tool, considering the ever decreasing supply of matched NOS tubes.
Additional uses are tube tester & analyzer.

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Panel Controls:
Clean Input, Volume, Tone, Normal/Bright switch, Clean/Crunch balance
Gain, Drive, Compression, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master
Standby Switch, Power Switch

Wall power input, Fuse, Bias and Balance adjust with test points
Class A/AB switch, FX Send/Return, Speaker Output 16 ohm

Stock Setup:
6SN7(NOS), 2x 12AX7, 2x 12AT7, 2x KT77, GZ34

All NOS tubes are available as upgrade.