Pup Emu


The Pup Emu is a Guitar Pickup Emulator for effects pedal boards that restores the musical and lively response of a guitar plugged directly into an amp.

A pedal board containing a series of analog or digital effects pedals with solid-state transistors reduces touch-sensitivity.
We are losing the natural feel and response of the vibrating string created by the pickups.

When connecting the Pup Emu in between or after a chain of effects pedals and before the amplifier input, it restores the natural musical response that is obscured
and lends the signal the tonal character and feel of a variety of single-coil and humbucker pickups.

Guitar Pickup Emulator

Restores lively musical response for analog or digital effects pedals

High quality Coil made in USA

Variable Inductance and 5K - 20K ohm Impedance Switch

No Battery or Power Supply required

Handmade in USA

How the Pup Emu works

A guitar pickup is a coil wound around magnetic poles that transforms the vibrations of the strings into voltage which gets amplified by the guitar amp.
Coil properties include Inductance and Impedance and variations of these create the unique sound quality and response of different pickup types.

The Pup Emu consists of a high-quality coil with a selector switch that emulates the differences in Inductance and Impedance, like we find in pickups ranging from lighter wound single-coils to heavier wound humbuckers.

It can be connected in front or in between effects pedals or as the last link in a chain of pedals.
Because of the increase in impedance, the Pup Emu influences the response of the effects unit it is connected to.
Some effects will show more of this influence than others, depending on the input impedance variations of different effects units.

In the OFF position the unit is in True Bypass.

The Pup Emu is available in two sizes: With or without (frequency balanced) Volume and (no-load pot) Tone controls.

4-3/8'' x 2-3/8''

with Volume and Tone Knobs

3-5/8'' x 1-1/2''

with reversible Input and Output

Pup Emu VT

Pup Emu Mini

If out of stock, contact me for restock date ... Chris@SiegmundGuitars.com

14 day trial period with full refund if not satisfied

User Feedback:

Chris, with your Diddy Wah at the start and the Pup Emu at the end of my pedal board, it sounds better than ever.

- Ryan Fergon

The Pup Emulator has become really useful.
It turns out I kind of like higher settings for Humbucker guitar and lower ones for Strat after all. Sometimes I use Lower settings for Humbucker guitar though. Just depends on the vibe.
If I don't have access to a strat, it's nice to have the low settings to give the Humbuckers a better feel. It gives a much sweeter and more direct connection with my amp.
It's hard to describe that it feels different but doesn't sound as different. You can still tell though.

- Trace Hamrick

User review

Sound Samples coming soon ...

Custom 8 channel Pup Emu 1U rackmount with locking Neutrik connectors