Midnight Special Combo Plus


The Midnight Special Combo Plus is the enhanced version of the tried-and-true Midnight Special Combo introduced in 2000 and the best known Siegmund amplifier.
Available in 4 power versions with multiple speaker options and added Volume bright switch, Reverb Intensity, Voice Control and Master Volume.
Also 'Live Amp Sound' Line Out with Standard version and class A/AB switch with bias and balance adjust with MS II & III versions.

Handwired point to point terminal wiring

Octal preamp tubes

Versatile, interactive tone controls

Transformerless Reverb

True bypass Master Volume

External class AB bias & balance adjust

Unique no-compromise Custom Transformers
by Mercury Magnetics

Highest quality NOS components

Various speaker combination options

MS Standard:
Class A single-ended 5-10 Watts (15W optional)
Interchangeable, self-biasing output stage
Tube rectifier 5Z4,5V4,5W4,5Y3
Low/High power switch
LAS Line Out ™ with Level Control and XLR and TRS outputs
Series FX loop
Reverb On/Off jack

MS 300B:
Class A single-ended 10 Watts
self-biasing output stage
300B power tube
83 Mercury Vapor Tube Rectifier
LAS Line Out ™ with Level Control and XLR and TRS outputs
Series FX loop
Reverb On/Off jack

Class A/AB push-pull 20 Watts with 6V6 pair
Tube rectifier 5Z4,5V4,5W4,5Y3 or solid-state
Bias and Balance points
Class A/AB switch
Series FX loop
Reverb On/Off jack

Class A/AB push-pull 36 Watts
with 5881,6L6,KT66,EL34,EL37,7581,6550 pairs
Tube rectifier 5AR4,5U4,5R4 or solid-state
Power Tube selector switch
Bias and Balance points
Class A/AB switch
Series FX loop
Reverb On/Off jack

Octal base preamp tubes 6SL7,6SN7
Transformless tube reverb
Sprague Vitamin Q paper/oil tone capacitors
Carbon composition resistors
Sprague ATOM TVA filters
Point to point terminal cloth wiring
NOS tube sockets
Powder coated Aluminum chassis 12 ga.

100,120,220,240VAC 50/60Hz
Handmade in USA

Small ... 24 x 20 x 9 ; 37 lbs. (without speakers)
Large ... 32 x 23 x 10-1/2 ; 40 lbs. (without speakers)

MS II chassis

Octal preamp tubes have a wider tonal spectrum and sound more relaxed and revealing with less compression than later 9 pin versions.
In combination with the harmonic richness of the custom wound extended range output transformers by Mercury Magnetics
the Midnight Special reveals the pure power & beauty of the vibrating string.

The Midnight Special is entirely hand-built, using the best-sounding NOS caps and resistors.
Terminal point-point wiring is the same technique used by the military and in aviation construction for reliability.

The class A self-biasing output stage allows for easy and quick swapping of a great variety of the best vintage tubes ever build.
The perfect musical balance of the amp accentuates the unique characteristics of these wonderful tubes.

MS II and III versions also include bias points on the back panel for easy DIY class AB biasing and balancing with a regular multimeter.
MS standard has a LAS -Live Amp Sound- Line Out ™ with Level control and XLR and TRS outputs. When the speaker cable is unplugged an internal load takes over.

MS II rear view

Raising the quality level even higher, the Midnight Special has a transformerless Reverb design, providing extra rich harmonics and reflections.
The stacked control knob provides Mix and Dwell settings from Zero Reverb over subtle swells all the way to huge endless Reverb only.

The tone controls are highly interactive and the Voice control shifts the entire EQ from rich, fat, warm to bright, thin and edgy tonal ranges.
The Master Volume is true-bypass when turned all the way up.

All output transformers have musical even-order harmonic break-up.
And as always, all Siegmund amps are completely hum-free without compromising tone and liveliness.

Laser Engraved brushed Stainless Steel

Panel Controls:

Front: Input, Volume/Bright, Reverb/Mix, Voice, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master/EQ Bypass, Standby Switch, Power Switch

Rear: Standard: Low/High Power Mode, LAS Line Out ™ and Level control, XLR and TRS outputs, Series FX Loop, Reverb On/Off
MS II & III: Bias/Balance points, Class A/AB switch, Series FX Loop, Reverb On/Off

MS II with 12" Jensen Field Coil Speaker


Standard: 2 x 6SL7, 6SN7, 6L6GC/5881, 5V4G
Possible Output Tubes: 6V6,5881,6L6,KT66,EL34,EL37,7581,6550
Possible Rectifier Tubes: 5Z4,5V4,5W4,5Y3

MS II: 2 x 6SL7, 2x 6SN7, 2x 6V6, 5V4G
Possible Rectifier Tubes: 5Z4,5V4,5W4,5Y3

MS III: 2 x 6SL7, 2x 6SN7, 2x KT66, 5AR4
Possible Output Tubes: 5881,6L6,KT66,EL34,EL37,7581,6550
Possible Rectifier Tubes: 5AR4, 5U4, 5R4

Vintage NOS and new production tubes. Ask for Premium Tube Upgrades for the ultimate tone experience!
Ceramic sockets with gold pins are available as a custom option.

Speaker outputs are available in 8 or 16 ohm only or 8/16 ohm switchable.

Recommended Speaker options:
(Inquire about models)

2x 8

10 + 8

12 + 8

1x 12

2x 10

1x 15

12 + 10

15 + 8

15 + 10

2x 12

3x 10

4x 10

2x10 + 2x12
MS standard
MS 300B



Covered cabinets are individually custom made to order from finger-jointed 1/2'' baltic birch-ply or solid pine and your choice of color, grill type and handle.
Ask for samples of available covering and grill cloth.

Solid wood cabinets are individually custom made to order from hand selected solid wood with oil finish.

MS II with Blue Levant tolex, Striped Mahogany face panel and Black Vox grill.

MS 300B with lacquered Tweed, 300B Meshplate, Mercury Vapor Rectifier and Purple Haze Tone Tubby

MS III with burgundy snakeskin tolex

Illuminated front and rear panels with NOS Art Deco knobs and font

MS Standard 15 Watt with lacquered Tweed, KT88 and Weber 15" speaker

MS 300B 10 Watt with brushed stainless panels, striped Mahogany, 4 band-EQ and 12" Field Coil Speaker with Hempcone

MS III with Regency Blue tolex and Celestion Neodymium speaker

Vintage Guitar Magazine Review

Tone Quest Report - January 2003

Midnight Special Combo excerpt from the article Under 20 Watts of Whoop-Ass

Chris Siegmund is another visionary whose work transcends the ordinary, and the Midnight Special is no exception.
Rated at 4-15W, the Special is meticulously built using premium capacitors and resistors, including many classic NOS components.
Siegmund also uses octal preamp tubes, along with a vintage NOS rectifier and single output tube.
Features include a transformer less reverb circuit that can be bypassed for extra gain, plus Volume, Mid, Treble and Bass controls, a series FX loop, high and normal power switch, Mercury Magnetics transformer and a Tone Tubby hemp cone speaker.
The Midnight Special is a great midnight-hour amp, but it also passes the test as a terrific small club amp. Its voice is deep, articulate and sophisticated.
The Special wasn't intended to be a high gain amp with intense distortion characteristics, but it excels brilliantly with overdrive pedals, and the reverb bypass does kick an extra level of crystalline gain while beautifully preserving string definition and harmonics.
The combination of P90's and the Special is absolutely orgasmic, and there is a lot of magic to be discovered in this magnificently built amp.

User Feedback:

After 15 years of owning it, I can't tell you how many people I had asking me about that little MS amp when I used to play out more than I do now.
That thing has been put through the paces and I have rarely had to mic it up. I am not sure if the stars aligned when this amp was built but something about it is amazing.

Everywhere I take it people comment on how amazing it sounds and the volume that I am able to get with it. I think I told you before that I played the MS at an outdoor venue one time and didn't have to mic up. It was amazing.
I couldn't imagine changing a thing on it, not even the wear marks on the chrome and covering. Something about that amp just floors me.
I have run it hard over the years in a lot of different situations and it never once failed.
I also played it in an iso box that got pretty hot and cranked it up. It didn't mush out one bit.

It's like I always said, that little MS amp has to be one of the best things out there in the entire world of amp building. I keep tabs on amps and what is around and there isn't much that really excites me.
Everyone seems to use the same designs with minor tweaks to components and values. There does not seem to be too much original thought going on out there.

Believe me. I have tried a lot of different amps and played a lot of different circuits. I had about 30 amps at one point before I started selling stuff off for whatever reason so I have a good base on which to judge things.
Nothing excites me like the Sound King and the MS amps. I have a couple keepers but the Siegmund amps are staying put.

Timothy Smith - MS standard combo

This amp is the most amazing thing I have ever laid my ears on!
Its the gigantic, immersive, 3D ocean of tone! I actual feel like I have found what has been missing all these years as a guitar player.
I have been constantly let down and frustrated because my ear was never satisfied and I knew it wasn't my playing that was bad, it was the amps!

Thanks again,
Ryan Fergon - Lead Guitarist from Soulajar about his MS standard combo with Field Coil speaker

I've had a LOT of tube amps since my first Ampeg Gemini 1 in 1967.
The Midnight Special has the very best lower volume clean-to-the-edge-of-break up tones of any amp I've ever had.

Wayne Reno - MS standard combo

WOW! I'm amazed at how all the controls interact and how an infinite variety of tones can be generated. I have much to learn and experience, but I can't wait.
I'm hearing tonal differences out of my guitar (Myka 104) that cannot be heard on my other amps. I can really dig out all the tonal nuances from the guitar at any setting, and this guitar has a ton of tonal flexibility. Absolutely amazing! Without a doubt the MS is head and shoulders above any amp I have played.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the amp. As much as I knew it was a very special amp when I ordered it, to be able to experience it and experiment with it has revealed much more than I ever expected.
I have never heard these tones from any other guitar amp!! Again -- Thanks so much. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have joined the Siegmund amp community!!

Bruce Basler - MS standard combo

I have quite a few amps, but if I could only take one to Heaven it would be the Midnight Special.

Mel Bernhard - MS standard combo

Chris, I want to thank you for this wonderful tone machine. While I have had only limited use of it thus far with my stratocaster, I am amazed at the different tonal qualities of the amp, and the warmth and dimension it possesses.
The tones I get are mouth watering. It's got a great vibe from clean to gritty and everything in between.
Everyone loves the sparkle finish and the hemp speakers work very well with this amp.
It is only when you compare it to other amps that you really learn of its capabilities. I'm sure as I experiment more with it there will be more surprises that are in store.
I love the reverb and the control one has over it. It is different than my other boutique amps, perhaps more subtle but again you can get the depth you want out of it without it being overbearing or shrill.
I'm loving that line out on the amp. I'm going directly into my Presonus board and it sounds phenomenal.
This amp is very special, its very clean when you want it to be and it makes all of my guitars sound better.
I am not a virtuoso on guitar but the better you sound, the better you sound and this amp gets me there, and that is all that really matters.
I am absolutely loving this amp.

... 8 months later ...

Chris - I'm sitt'in here playing an old Washburn Les Paul copy and a home made electric through that chameleon of sound you made me, and lov'in every nanosecond of it.
This reverb transcends the standard meaning of the word, al-la oingo boingo it is not. It's like the ocean is placed in the midst of the sounds I make, echoing back pleasing nuances of deeply resonant tones. I don't know, man, this is such a great experience it may just get me out of my depression.

The reverb coupled with the field coil speaker, makes the sound almost three dimensional. The clarity is such that I can almost put my fingers around the sound coming out of the speaker as if it were physical. I know sounds weird, but a simple comparison between speakers and you know what I mean.

It makes me want to play more, and experiment. Thanks again. If I could turn the world on to these amps, I would, but for now, I'm just a bedroom song writer who can share this information with just a few poor folk like myself.
Be Well.

Ed Case - Blue sparkle MS standard 15 Watt Head, reviewed by Vintage Guitar Magazine

Nice to play thru such a tone machine. I REALLY (really) like what the voice control does to adjust the richness of envelope. With the tone knobs interacting in the typical Siegmund shaping fashion, I can see this amp being a recording engineer's dream, especially given that the volume level with 6V6's is very manageable,
even thru a 2x12 Hemp Cone set up.
As usual with your amps, the amp has wonderful warm transparency for the guitar's inherent tones, and is perfectly suited for interaction with guitars volume and tone controls -- making the ALL the knobs involved an interactive single instrument. I felt like I was changing the size of and finishes of the room with a twist of a knob.
Each knob in the the tone stack, and the voice knob, work beautifully to dial a wonderful array of overdrive characteristics. Micro adjustments across the whole panel are potent and predictably interactive. It's so satisfying the way this head brings out the three dimensional nature of each guitar and the way it is played.
I think you have made a superb low wattage amp. ( The LAS at a live gig, mixed with mic'd speakers, will be nice to experiment with).
So basic yet so versatile - WHAT A FINE TOOL!

Peter Rockrise - MS standard 15 Watt Head

Well Chris,
Had the entire Friday evening to play with the EQ. I like the pull bright in conjunction with the voice knob. Still finding so many different tones. I found how to set it where the notes get a slight tube distortion sound but only when you really dig in and pick it firmly. I'm a loving it. Still amazed at the dynamic 4 D reverb.
This is by far the most dynamic amplifier I've ever played thru. I've only touched the surface I know. I've been using strats with single coils. I need to buy a spiral note book and right down every different setting I like. Then it's time to break out my SG and start all over again with those buckers.
That voice knob is magical.
I've heard Dumble amps - this is so much more. So much more versatile.

Dennis - MS III head with 2x12 Tone Tubby Organic speaker cabinet

Hi Chris!

The amp has a very pleasant feel, I find. I feel the pressure of the sound.
Very relaxed in sound. Relaxation in the funky department, very nice.
The amp is very direct. I like that a lot. What I do comes out, direct, nothing in between.
I like the feel with EQ on. I also like the feel with EQ off. Gives a nice punch and more directness.
The amp heated up when dialed open. Very nice sounding. Classic rock sounds.
Very warm round sounding.

I need some time to get to know the reverb. It sounds very nice. I'm not used to this kind of reverb. My Rivera R30 has not a nice sounding reverb. Behaves differently also.
FX loop is nice. I play a belle epoch deluxe. Sound nice. Nasty frequencies with filter pedals. The Purple Haze speaker takes them well.


Very percussive. I like that a lot, the feel of pressure of the sound. You can really hear the pressure in the Purple Haze. It sounds really good.
Strings sounding pristine. Nothing in between speaker and string, is the feel. I like that. Sharp with the fingertips, mellow and quiet when brushing with thumb, big and round when picking with thumb. Nice to play such a very dynamic amplifier.

I'm using the Son of Kong pedal from Zappa's tech some years now as an EQ. That is a very lively EQ. So I'm used to sensitive EQ. Have it in front of the amp usually, as yesterday in session. Today at home guitar in amp. Very nice. Pull bright with my Tele, vicious!

Very pleasant to the ears. No ear fatigue. I love it!!


I used the SoK pedal always with my Rivera to enhance the sound.
With your amp it is different. The pedal does not give enhancement. The amp sound phenomenal by itself. The SoK has a different part now. Changes!

Playing with the EQ. Very nice. The voice is nice.
Easy to dial what I want instantly. Also very nice.
EQ bypass is nice. Raw power! Yes!


Getting a bit more settled with the amp.
I play a Mercury fuzz from Effectrode, also with mini tube, like your pedals.

Just had a killer tone with that. Holy mother! Could not stop playing 'I got a feeling' from the Beatles. Endless variations in dynamics to play in this chord progression with this amp.
Such a gorgeous string definition, low strings superb sustaining. What gorgeous tone.

No power tube swapping for now. Best to just play the amp for a while.

I just love it! It is so satisfying to be able to play this amplifier!


Sunday in theatre people seeing the amp concluded it is an old, vintage amp. Very nice reaction, I think. Nope, brand new.
The vibes made a very quiet and tasteful play on the guitar. Amp sounded dead quiet and crystal clear. And so sweet en juicy. Endless sustain in deep depths of quietness. Very very nice.


Amp is well, freaking awesome. The speaker starts to loosen up. Still solid as a rock, but getting more fluid. It all sounds so clear and direct, and sweet and fluid, so totally unforgivingly beautiful, I love it.

All the best,
Noel - Burgundy Snakeskin MS III Combo Plus

This amp was a good idea. I played for a few hours with a Rhodes and a Stratocaster and it has precisely the full-range clarity and dynamic range that I wanted.
I was having noise problems with the reverb circuit, but it turned out to be the footswitch that I was using. I'll see if I can improve the wiring.
Once I removed the switch, I was able to fully appreciate the amp. Spring reverb has never been my favorite, but this one is smooth, rich, and reasonably quiet.
I really hear what's coming out of the pickups and it makes me want to play and write. Thank you for making it happen.

David - 15 Watt Tweed MS Standard Combo Plus

I had some time to spend with the amp over the weekend, happy to say it's going to take a while to learn all the intricacies and spaces it can create.
There were moments of pure transcendence indeed!
It feels more like a high end instrument than something that solely reproduces sound, with its own voice and distinctive characteristics.
It has continuity with the great heritage and ancestry of tube amplification yet is its own unique instrument at the same time.
Other amplifiers seem to originate sound from a single point and project it as such, the MS300 you have built for me fills the space with such beautifully textured, almost tangible sound.
I keep thinking of that sunset I saw after first playing it and am reminded of what photographers refer to as the 'golden hour', that hour in the early morning and again in the late afternoon where the light soaks and illuminates everything in the most wonderful and illustrious manner.
The MS300 is like having that 'golden hour' on tap.

Many, many thanks!


In 20+ yrs of playing and 20+ yrs of working backline gigs from tiny clubs to the Rolling Stones stadium gigs and everything in between, I can't really think of too many other amps that sound as sweet.
Keith Richard's and Mike Campbell's vintage Fenders to Ben Harper's and Santana's squadron of Dumble's, the Midnight Special is just as sweet and crunchy or deep and clear as any of those.

Patrick - 300B Combo Plus with 4-band EQ

Midnight Special Standard
Customer review

Sound Samples:

Midnight Special Standard in
Soulajar Music

Alberto Prieto, owner of Brown War Store playing the Midnight Special Combo (Standard) with 6V6 power tube and Capehart Fieldcoil speaker

Zane Carney playing 'Take the A train' on his Midnight Special Combo (Standard)

Guitar Player Magazine Article - Zane Carney Takes Over Hollywood's Hotel Cafe

Music Samples
played by Zane Carney

Stormy Monday
Baby Please Don't Go_Mojo
Back In The Day_Sometimes

Here are a few MS Standard sound samples I made with the Tone Tubby Low Watt hemp cone.
The guitar is the Suspense
I upgraded a large diaphragm condenser tube mic with a Micro Tube, Neumann U47 replacement capsule and Jensen transformer plugged into the Simplex Mic Pre

MS standard clean

MS standard overdrive

MS standard 1

MS standard 2

MS standard 3

MS Standard 15W with 2x12 Tone Tubby Chicago Blue and Organic.

MS 15W clean

MS 15W overdrive

MS 15W overdrive CB with Chicago Blue only

MS 15W shuffle CB with Chicago Blue only

MS 15W blues with 'Live Amp Sound' Line Out directly into computer soundcard

MS II with 1x12 Field Coil speaker.

MS II clean

MS II overdrive

MS II picker with Electric Archtop

MS III with 2x12 Tone Tubby Chicago Blue and Organic.

MS III clean

MS III overdrive

MS 300B with Tone Tubby Purple Haze and smaller 17 oz Alnico magnet.

Clip 1

Clip 2

LAS -Live Amp Sound- Line Out is a trademark of Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiers