Missing Link


The Missing Link is a unique and simple clean boost tube preamp and overdrive.
Encased in a virtually indestructible polished stainless steel shell is a shock-mounted subminiature Micro Tube.

These special purpose tubes were developed by the military to operate smoothly under extreme conditions with maximum life span.
Musically they excel with a wide frequency range and lively dynamics unlike other preamp tubes.

The Missing Link's pure and musical response makes it ideal for pickup or signal boost.
The original signal character and detail is emphasized and the enhanced output gets the most potential from a tube amp or other device.

While the Missing Link can add much to a signal, the original quality and feel of the signal is retained.
Pure transparency, musically enhanced!

Micro Tubes (subminiature) - Small size, but sizable warmth, presence, power and transparency.
These special purpose tubes were developed by the military to operate smoothly under extreme conditions with maximum life span.

30dB gain Clean Boost and Overdrive

Tube Line Buffer


Guitar - Acoustic - Steel - Bass
Microphone - Harp - Keyboard

NEW - Latching power supply connector

NEW - quiet 'no-pop' footswitch

Plug into an amp, another pedal, mixer or recording device

Enhance any signal with genuine tube power

...the Missing Link adds the full strength and natural & warm character, associated with tubes, to any signal.

30dB voltage gain
Volume, Tone Controls
w/blue LED indicators
Super quiet power supply and
custom transformer
Shock-mounted tube
Tube life: 30.000+ hours!
Paper-oil capacitors
Carbon Composition resistors
100% True Bypass
Polished stainless dome enclosure
Jeweled glass lens w/chrome bezel

100/120/220/240VAC (50/60Hz)
Handmade in USA

High Voltage Power Supply included

Guitar, Acoustic, Steel, Bass,
Microphone, Harp, Keyboard ...

Latching power supply connector

High Voltage - Zero Hum - Iron Transformer Power Supply

Vintage Guitar Magazine Review

Sound Samples:

Unity Gain and Treble Boost:
Starts with no ML ... 15 sec: ML with Volume and Tone at 1.25 for unity gain ... 30 sec: Tone at 3 ... 43 sec: no ML

Bridge PU Gain Boost:
Starts with no ML ... 8 sec: ML with Volume and Tone at 2.5 ... 20 sec: Volume and Tone at 5 ... 34 sec: Volume and Tone at 7.5 ... 45 sec: Volume and Tone at 10

Neck PU Gain Boost:
Starts with no ML ... 11 sec: ML with Volume and Tone at 2.5 ... 24 sec: Volume and Tone at 5 ... 37 sec: Volume and Tone at 7.5 ... 49 sec: Volume and Tone at 10

Signal Path:

Suspense Guitar
Sound King Amplifier with 15" Field Coil speaker
Tube microphone with Neumann U47 vintage style capsule and Jensen transformer plugged into the Simplex Mic Pre

User Feedback:

Chris -
Got the Missing Link today. Just spent four hours with it. Wow!
This is one of two or three pieces of equipment in 40 years that immediately impressed me as original and essential.
When I ordered the ML, I thought I would just use it as a buffer, but I'm finding it to be a very versatile, extraordinary musical device. I didn't know what I was missing.
Years ago, when I was in conservatory making oboe reeds 4 or 5 hours a day, I finally learned to coax subtle timbres out of a reed with a few well placed scrapes.
Today was the closest I've come to that experience using a guitar device. The ML is true craft.
My sincerest thanks.

Hey Chris,
I've been away and just returned, so my first chance to try the Missing Link was today:
1. Packaging was first class.
2. Power Supply is a first class design.
3. Design is beautiful.
4. The 'mojo' it adds is EXACTLY what I wanted. I'm really close to nile rodgers sound now... could not be happier!

Thank you so much for good old fashioned personal service and a genuinely great product.
All the best,

Hi Chris,
I received the ML today, plugged it in and wow! It adds a certain character to my tone...very subtle but there seems to be a sparkle to it that is not there without it.
Like I mentioned in an earlier email - we use PODXTs for guitar and bass on stage....no amps. The ML just makes it sound better. Even order harmonic space age voodoo something.
I can't wait to show this thing off.
Rich Zoran

One thing I really like in the ML is that humbuckers into a Fender donít have the same top end air / chime / bloom thing that balances them out in British amps. When you engage the ML it really adds those harmonics into the picture. So tasty.
Makes the bottom bounce but still punchy, mids flex more and are more refined. So good, so good.


Played around until 4:00 AM with guitar and pedal board last night. Your pedals just stand out. They make my fingers go crazy with all kinds of music itís amazing how it just brings it out.

Trace Hamrick