Midnight Blues


The Midnight Blues represents the ultimate in versatility, liveliness and musicality a 20-100 Watt push-pull tube amp is capable of producing.
This soulful amp's musicality and range is without boundaries at any setting.

The Midnight Blues is entirely hand-built, using the best-sounding NOS caps and resistors.
Terminal point-point wiring as used by the military and in aviation electronics for reliability.

EL34, KT66, 5881, 6L6GC, EL37, 6550, 6V6
with external bias & balance adjust

Handwired point to point terminal wiring

Preamp tube bias adjust

Balanced, interactive tone controls
with 'true bypass' Master Volume

Parallel FX-Loop or Reverb Version

No-compromise Custom Transformers by Mercury Magnetics

Tube or solid-state rectifier, short-protected

Vintage style components

Exclusive Custom Tone Tubby Hemp Cone Speakers

Removable speaker cabinet back for open or close-back operation

Combo, Head or Rackmount

Rectifier: solid-state or tube (short protected)

EL34,KT66,6L6GC,5881,EL37,6550,6V6 or EL84

20-100W class AB (optional class A/AB switch)

external bias & balance adjust with meter points

Preamp tubes: 5751,12AX7,12DW7,12AT7

external preamp bias adjust for input tube

Parallel FX Loop or 'True bypass' Reverb

'True bypass' Master Volume

Vitamin Q Paper/oil capacitors

Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors

brushed mil spec chromed steel chassis

Available as 2x12 Combo, Head & cabinet
100,120,220,230,240VAC 50/60Hz
Handmade in USA

click pictures for enlarged view

New cabinet, chassis and control panel update

Clear and Blue illuminated control panel

Marshall JTM45 cabinet with custom covering and NOS Vintage Mustard Capacitors

NEW - Angled front 2x12 cabinet

2x12 Combo with open back and Alnico & Ceramic Hemp Tone Tubbies

The unique cabinet design of the Midnight Blues Combo allows the tubes to remain upright, promoting longer life and reliability.
Complete separation of head and speaker sections prevents unwanted feedback between the two and also enables the player to choose between open-back and closed-back cabinet use.

The 'intelligent' power supply is short-protected and accepts a variety of rectifier tubes.
A special plug activates the solid-state rectifier with additional filtering, which enables a tighter sound and higher output power.

The output section accepts a pair of KT66, EL34, 5881, 6L6GC, EL37, 6550 and 6V6 output tubes. A tube selector switch tunes the output transformer to get ideal response.
The custom made zero-compromise transformer has an incredible rich and complex tone, with perfect symmetry producing even-order harmonic break-up.
A 16 ohm only output with Class A/AB switch instead of an 8/16 ohm selector gives even further enhanced frequency range and headroom not found in conventional and even high-end guitar amplifiers.

Power Supply & Watts

This amplifier is available in two output power versions: NORMAL 30-45 Watt or HIGH 45-60 Watt
Also available with High, Normal or Low (25 Watt) power switches.
Lower power creates a soft, warm and relaxed vintage bloom and earlier break-up. Higher power gives a tighter, punchier response with more power and headroom.

Also available with 100 Watt transformers and a pair of KT120.

The preamp of the Midnight Blues is available in two versions:

Low-impedance Parallel FX loop (can be used as a dual-channel preamp)

True-Bypass Spring Reverb (transformerless) with Serial FX loop
NEW! Now with an improved reverb/clean mix that gives a purer clean portion of the signal with minimal loss.
(Email to get your pre-2011 MB upgraded)

Gain and Drive knobs can be dialed-in for a great variety of overdrive or hi-gain distortion tones.
Different combinations of 12AX7, 5751, 12AY7, 12AT7 and 12AU7 tubes create a great range of distinct characteristics:
From rich, dynamic and open clean tones to smooth vintage style crunch to high gain punch and compression.
In addition the unique preamp bias adjustment allows to fine tune the sustain and strength of the input tube.
A true-bypass Master Volume allows for vintage style poweramp distortion.
In lower settings it smoothes and balances the distortion tone with increased preamp gain.
NEW - Master Volume now with enhanced extra clean headroom and Gain Knob with push/pull bright switch.

Small Head & Cab

A complete, easy-access bias control section on the rear panel includes bias adjust with test-points for DVM hook-up and balance adjust.
Can be used for maintaining balanced output at different guitar or amp settings or to create alternate harmonic balance shifts.
It also allows for the use of unmatched tubes! A useful tool, considering the ever decreasing supply of matched NOS tubes.
Additional uses are tube tester & analyzer.

The Speaker Cabinets for the Midnight Blues are super-light and have interchangable custom baffleboards.
The dimensions, baffleboard, internal space and weight are in ideal musical balance with the amp and speakers.
The result is a greatly improved dynamic response and better feedback control over the typical bulky and boomy 4x12 cabinets.
Choose your own custom combination of speakers, like 4x12, 15 and 10, 3x12, 4x10, 2x10 and 12, etc.....

Siegmund Amplifiers is the only amp maker offering the exclusive Custom Tone Tubby Hemp Cone Speakers
made to order from a selection of cone types, voice coils and magnet sizes.

All speakers are delivered already broken in.

Original Jensen P15R and ToneTubby 10 Hemp

2x12 Hemp Tone Tubbies Ceramic & Alnico

Panel Controls:
Parallel FX-Loop:
Front: High Impedance Input, Gain (Pull Bright), Drive (Pull Bypass), Treble, Middle, Bass,
Presence switch, Master Volume, Standby Switch, Power Switch

Rear: Low impedance parallel Fx-Loop with Send Drive and Return Mix,
Speaker Outputs, Class A/AB switch, Bias and Balance adjust with test points

Reverb Version:
Front: High Impedance Input, Gain (Pull Bright), Drive (Pull Bypass), Reverb (Pull Bypass), Treble, Middle, Bass,
Master Volume, Standby Switch, Power Switch

Rear: Low Impedance post-preamp Fx Loop, Reverb Drive and Footswitch,
Speaker Outputs, Class A/AB switch, Bias and Balance adjust with test points

Small head cabinet

Stock Setup:
5751(NOS), ECC83(JJ), 12DW7(JJ), 12AT7(JJ)
2x KT66(Gold Lion repro), GZ34 (JJ)
Optional or premium tubes are available for swap or upgrade.
Ceramic sockets with gold pins are available as a custom option

2x12 Combo Speakers:
Tone Tubby Hemp Ceramic 40W

Optional Speakers:
Custom Tone Tubby Hemp Alnico 50W ... add $130

Midnight Blues Breaker Custom

Black covering, Gold plated chassis & hardware, ceramic/gold sockets, Marconi and Mullard Tubes, Alnico & Ceramic Hemp Tone Tubbies

Midnight Blues Breaker Octal Custom

Small Head, Octal Preamp Tube, Powder coated chassis, Marconi KT66, Radio Spares Transformers

Midnight Blues Breaker Custom

Brown covering and antique brown grill

Midnight Blues Breaker Custom

Padauk, Bocote

Midnight Blues Breaker Custom

Snake Skin, Skull knobs

Zane Carney's 'True Stack'

Midnight Blues Breaker Custom and Midnight Sepcial Custom

Midnight Blues Breaker Custom

Green covering, Vox brown grill

Midnight Blues Breaker Custom

Blue curly maple

Midnight Blues Custom

Striped mahogany with curly mahogany front

Midnight Blues with Jetsons theme cabinets

Zane Carney's set for the John Mayer Tour 2013-14

Zane Carney with John Mayer at the Global Citizen Festival 2013

Guitar Player Magazine Article - Zane Carney Takes Over Hollywood's Hotel Cafe

PickAward - Aug '02

Midnight Blues User review

User Feedback:

Hi Chris,

I wanted to let you know, I entered the MB Head in an amp shoot out here locally and guess who came out on top?
That's right, the MB head!!!
In a blind listening with 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets the MB had the best cleans, overdrive and string definition hands down!

The contestants: Park45, Park75, Koch Powertone II, Fender Bassman, JTM45, Plexi , Fender Showman, Vox AC50 ( second on the cleans) to mention a few.




This amp is killing me! And God knows how many amps I had going through my hands, from modern to vintage.
This is the best amp I ever had - period; with endless possibilities and an array of great vintage tones. And I've only scratched the surface.
There is something that newer amps usually have, which is that possibility to bring up almost exclusively the pickup flavor alone.
This amp also brings out the wood of your guitar, like no other.
The touch response is simply amazing. This amp will bring me to another playing level just by the way it responds to my hands.

This amp is unique in every possible way! I have a lot of respect for what you did, sincerely...



Wonderful amp. Has a life and sparkle I have never heard in anything else.

Joe F


I can balance Gain with Drive to fit any volume, it's a highly tweakable amp and still keep that vintage tone vibe. I can fine tune the amp with endless possibility without opening the amp, this is very unique and no need of an amp tech. And this is one of the best amp not to say the best amp I ever owned. You can find the magic at any volume, with any guitar, pickups and type of room.
Simply amazing.



This thing is amazing. Played with the band on Sunday and most of the afternoon on Saturday ... haven't even changed tubes, just using it how it was shipped. I can't believe how many different sounds you can get from this amp - and they're all terrific. Using an open backed 2 x 12 with G12H 75s is just about perfect. Looking forward to dinking around with the other tubes ... it's going to be my main squeeze from now on.

Dan Miller


This amplifier has me. The tonal qualities are incredible. You can get so much from this one amp that I can't believe it and without pedals. I'm still learning all the possibilities.
I think Clapton would love one. I'm playing through this into 2- speaker cabs with 2- 12" red alnico Tone Tubbys in each and the production is more than I imagined.
Thanks for the advise and amp.

Thanks again,
Brad Meeks


You know I've had a lot of amps come and go through the years but nothing has ever come close to the MB and while I have bought and resold several others the thought to sell my MB has never crossed my mind.
Thanks for manufacturing something so special. It has really enriched my life and I will always treasure it.

Drew Barries, MB owner since 2004


Much needed maintenance and bias on the one and only greatest amplifier ever made. This thing has gone the distance with me. Practically sold everything I owned to buy this when I was a young buck back in 04. I've gone through some gear throughout the years but this amp will never leave my possession. It's officially a family heirloom.

It's truly the the most amazing amp and as soon as I play it I'm engulfed in a creative flow because the tone is so inspiring. Thanks for all you do Chris!

Ryan Fergon, MB owner since 2004

Sound Samples:

Here are a few sound samples I made with 2x12 Tone Tubby Chicago Blue and Organic speakers.
The guitar is the
I upgraded a large diaphragm condenser tube mic with a Micro Tube, Neumann U47 replacement capsule and Jensen transformer plugged into the Simplex Mic Pre

MB Clean - 6550

MB Overdrive - KT66

MB Distortion - EL34

Watch Zane Carney playing his Midnight Blues amps on YouTube

Music Samples
played by Zane Carney

Gimme Today
I Give It To You
New Best Friend
Angel of Mercy
Face In A Magazine
Walkin' Blues
Lil' Ways Down The Road
Party Party
Hell of Man

Junk Wagon
Most Of All
Don't Lie To Me
When Sunny Gets Blue
Chelsea Bridge

Midnight Blues in Zane Carney on SoundCloud

Midnight Blues in Zane Carney on iTunes

Midnight Blues in Soulajar Music