Micro Tube Doppler Vibe


The Micro Tube Doppler Vibe is a high quality tube version of the rotating speaker effect, introduced in the 1940s with Leslie speaker cabinets.
These legendary speaker cabinets used the Doppler Effect to give an amplified signal a natural sounding vibrato and dimension.

The Doppler Vibe uses a finely tuned and musically balanced circuitry to get maximum lively and natural response from the subminiature Micro Tubes.
It offers a wide range of speed and intensity settings, from subtle chorus to heavy pulsing vibrato.
In addition the Tone and Balance controls give tonal flexibility and allow shifting of the phase balance.

An optional foot pedal can be connected for variable vibrato speed while playing.
Two outputs for Mono and Stereo enable the use of two amplifiers, giving a true 3D effect with an
Asymmetrical Frequency Soundstage ™ separating the Doppler phase shift into its two frequency ranges.

With this asymmetrical frequency vibrato we can hear the full frequency spectrum and original quality of the signal
without the phase-canceling signal loss of a typical symmetrical vibrato.

The Doppler Vibe enhances the playing and listening experience using acoustical physics
without altering the sound quality and character of the original signal.

Micro Tubes (subminiature) - Small size, but sizable warmth, presence, power and transparency.
These special purpose tubes were developed by the military to operate smoothly under extreme conditions with maximum life span.

Pitch shift Vibrato-Tremolo

Enhanced Leslie rotating speaker sound

Mono and Stereo outputs

Asymmetrical Frequency Soundstage ™ in Stereo

Tube buffered Mono-to-Stereo splitter

Guitar - Acoustic - Steel - Bass
Microphone - Harp - Keyboard

The Doppler Vibe works with any instrument and frequency range, including vocals.
Also available in a studio rack mount version.

Read the Instructions to find out how it works and about its capabilities.
High Impedance Input
High Impedance Mono/Stereo Outputs
External Speed control
Tone, Intensity, Speed, Balance and
Fast and Slow speeds
custom transformer
Shock-mounted tubes
Tube life: 30.000+ hours!
Paper-oil capacitors
Carbon Composition resistors
Powder coated cast aluminum
100/120/220/240VAC (50/60Hz)
Handmade in USA

High Voltage Power Supply included

Guitar, Bass, Acoustic, Microphone, Keyboard, Steel ...

High Voltage - Zero Hum - Iron Transformer Power Supply

Optional speed control footpedal
available in various hammered finish colors

Available with crank style connector
or patch cord at 6, 12 or 36 inches

Also available in bronze color

Vintage Guitar Magazine Review

User Feedback:

The Doppler vibe is amazing - IMMEDIATELY upon using it in it's most subtle settings I was overjoyed to hear not an "effect" but a resonance that seemed to come out of the interplay of the guitar and the amp.
Of course a very close and self conscious listen reveals that it is an effect, but the point is it creates an authentic ambiance, which is very musically authentic.
Perhaps it is the very soft contour, as well as the warmth that makes the seamless tone. It will be used ALOT on our slow, bluesy covers, and others I am sure.

I think your D-Vibe may be very well known someday. Once players realize how you connect the magic of micro tubes to their fingers and emotion, who knows....?

- Peter Rockrise

Hi Chris,
I had a chance to play for a couple of hours, using the DoubleDrive before it for a little boost and the combo sounds fantastic.
I think it is the smoothest tremolo effect I have ever tried and the tone is great.
I don't know how to explain it, but what it does becomes part of the sound and not just a blend of an obvious effect on top of the sound.
You can do pretty extreme things but when you use it subtly it adds a movement to the source that although not very obvious
(because it blends so well with the original signal) it adds a great deal of interest and excitement.
I want to also try it with mildly distorted sounds but so far it makes the source sound very...liquid.

- Dimitri Hatzisavas

Sound Samples:

The following Mono Sound Samples were created by Ryan Fergon from the band Soulajar.

Signal path: Fender USA 1962 reissue -> Doppler Vibe -> Siegmund Midnight Special.
The recording was done with one large diaphragm condenser mic with no EQ or compression and everything flat through a tube mic preamp.

Medium Depth - Fast Speed

Medium Depth - Slow Speed

Medium Phasing - Medium Speed

Heavy Phasing - Slow Speed

The following Sound Samples were created by Dimitri Hatzisavas from Gearslutz.com

MONO Signal path:
Siegmund DoubleDrive -> Doppler Vibe -> Amp ( Laney 5 watt Lionheart). The recording was done with two mics.
An audix i5 2 inches from the grill off center and a condenser cad e100s at ear level 4 feet diagonally in front of amp.
Close mic went into a Burl b1d preamp, the output of which went into an Eisen audio neve-ish preamp line in and then hit the ssl converters.
Ambience mic went into another Eisen neve-ish pre and into the ssl converters.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Here are some samples with distortion and more extreme settings. I made the sound kind of dark and really dirty which I think is a cool vibe and gives a decadent industrial feel.

Muddy 1

Muddy 2

Muddy 3 Speed pedal

STEREO Signal path:
Left-Bright-Channel: Doppler Vibe -> Laney Lionheart 5 watt -> Shure SM57 -> Eisen Audio EAC312 Preamp -> ssl converters
Right-Dark-Channel: Doppler Vibe -> Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier -> Audix I5 -> Eisen Audio EAC312 Preamp -> ssl converters

The tracks were recorded dry and the only processing is a touch of reverb (Eventide 2016 hardware).

Clip 4

Clip 5

Clip 6

Asymmetrical Frequency Soundstage is a trademark of Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiers