Bakersfield Sound 'The 19'


The Bakersfield Sound 19 is the first amp release of a new collaboration with the Bakersfield Sound Company Music Store

It is a pure and simple amp design with asymmetrical 6V6/EL84 class A power tubes,
revealing the wide sonic range and character of both tubes for a modern updated version
of the legendary Bakersfield Sound from the late 1950s that changed music history.

The 1x12 speaker cabinet is loaded with a custom Tone Tubby Alnico hempcone speaker.

Handwired point to point cloth wiring

Asymmetrical 6V6/EL84 class A push-pull power tubes

Simple Volume and Tone controls

True bypass Master Volume

Special design Output Transformer
by Mercury Magnetics

LAS (Live Amp Sound) Line out ™

Paper/oil capacitors

Custom Tone Tubby 12" Alnico hempcone speaker

Class A push-pull 19 Watts
self-biasing output stage
Tube Rectifier GZ34
EF86, 12AU7 preamp tubes
LAS Line Out ™ with XLR and TRS outputs
Series FX loop
Paper/oil tone capacitors
Carbon composition resistors
Point to point wiring
12ga. Aluminum chassis

100,120,220,240VAC 50/60Hz
Handmade in USA

The Bakersfield 19 is entirely hand-built, using the best-sounding NOS caps and resistors.
Terminal point-point wiring is the same technique used by the military and in aviation construction for reliability.


The EF86 pentode embraces big, rich and detailed input signals.
A Bright/Normal switch toggles between the two modes.
The simple Tone control shifts the tonal spectrum from a flat-frequency center to a darker or brighter spectrum.
Master Volume is true-bypass when turned all the way up.

Power Amp

The asymmetrical pair of 6V6/EL84 tubes in class A reveals the wide sonic range and character of both tubes.
The break-up point of each tube and their harmonic characters can be dialed in to be controlled by the touch of your fingers on the guitar strings
presenting a fluid variety of overtones.

Line Out

The Bakersfield 19 has a built in LAS -Live Amp Sound- Line Out ™ with Level control and XLR low impedance outputs.
It mimics the characteristics of a moving voice coil from a speaker and provides an attenuated signal.

Speaker Cabinet

The 1x12 pine cabinet is loaded with a custom Tone Tubby Alnico hempcone speaker with extended frequency range and
'grand piano' bell-like chime further revealing the detail of the signal going into the input of the amp.

Panel Controls:

Front: Input, Bright/Normal switch, Volume, Tone, Master, Pilot Lamp, Standby/Power Switch

Rear: IEC fused power socket, 8 ohm Speaker Output, LAS Line Out ™ and Level control, XLR and TRS outputs, Ground/Lift switch, Series FX Loop


EF86, 12AU7, EL84, 6V6, GZ34

Price for the Head is $1999.-

Price for the Cabinet is $499.-

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BSCO Music Store about the 19:

The 19 expresses the heart of Bakersfield - articulate, vibrant, and honest.
It is the perfect platform amp. One of the simplest yet versatile tube amps available. However, all that simplicity and versatility doesn't stop it from being one of the most unique and gritty tube circuits ever made.

Coming from a pedigree that created a pure and authentic country sound mixed with the rebellious nature of rock and roll, Bakersfield Sound Co worked tirelessly with the genius of custom amp builder Chris Siegmund to create an amp that could perfectly pay homage to Bakersfield's music history.

Using a single 6V6 and EL84M as its power tubes, the 19 has truly one of the most unique circuits in the boutique market. These unmatched power tubes running in class A create a wonderful asymmetrical clipping that literally sounds like two amps in one. With these power tubes working in tandem it's got all that American and British heart 'n soul in one amp.

Coupled with its custom cabinet loaded with a custom Tone Tubby 'Bakersfield' alnico speaker with hemp cone, the gigantic 3D wall of tone that comes out of this amp is unrivaled!

Available with custom Tolex and grill cloth options

Sound Samples:

LAS -Live Amp Sound- Line Out is a trademark of Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiers